Wisconsin Bass Federation Sponsors

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Sponsors come in many different capacities, to both the Wisconsin Bass Federation as well as its membership. No matter what capacity the sponsor and their sponsorship package may contribute, the bottom line here is that sponsor loyalty begins with you, the Federation member.

In the past year or so, and in the foreseeable future, there may be fewer sponsors as well as a lot less sponsor dollars allocated due to budget cuts. This isn’t good for anyone because these cuts are usually in direct relation to sales volumes. When times are tough, and sales are down, one needs to remember that advertising and promotional budgets are the easiest to reevaluate and/or in some cases simply cut out all together. Therefore, many of the little extra’s anglers have come to expect (or taken for granted) will be eliminated for a while, some may be permanently it’s hard to tell.

One of the main reasons sponsors are coming on board with Wisconsin Bass Federation is because they want your business. Let’s not neglect to remember why the sponsor or anyone else is in business in the first place, to make money. Sure, there are a few sponsors that lend their support because they like fishing, our youth program or a person in the Federation. But, in most cases, sponsor dollars are a derived percentage directly from their promotional and advertising budgets.

A sponsor might view the Federation and its distinction as “very good and reputable”. Realizing that any organization is only as strong as its membership. They try to appeal to these potential customers through the sponsorship package and use of their allocated promotional and advertising dollars. If a sponsor doesn’t get a return on their investment through the exposure or through sales they’re gone, often never to return.

Welcome, to the business side of bass fishing.

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